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Reducer and Nipple is welded at the both ends of the Flexible Tube that is the key part of the product, and the product is widely used for general Clean-Room. This product is approved by F.M.

YB28-Ⅰ L 1075

1. Reducer and Flexible Tube are included in the Length.
2. Reducer; 300mm~600mm
Nipple; 70~75mm
Reducer; 120mm (YB 28 model Standard)
Nipple; 120mm

YB28-Ⅱ 1575
YB28-Ⅲ 2175
YB28 2575

The product has been developed for easy and fast installation in Narrow Clean-Room and congested ceiling space. YB28-Ⅱ has separated Reducer and Nipple from Flexible that is the main part of this product. Firstly, assemble the Reducer to the Bolt coupled to Ceiling Bar and fasten Flexible Slip Nut. In addition, couple the Nipple to the main piping and then fasten the Slip Nut. At this point, it is much better if you use WrE.N.Ch to fasten the Slip Nut. YB28-Ⅱproduct changed and improved demerit of welded all-in-one product. This product is approved by F.M.


Reducer is welded at the one end of the Flexible Tub and the another end of it improved the merits of Model YB28-Ⅰ and YB28-Ⅱ with Slip Nut. Fasten the Nut to the Nipple connected to fire extinguishing piping. At this point, the product is the optimum product for Clean-Room type free from leakage by fastening Nut using a WrE.N.Ch. This excellent product has both of installation convenience and safety. This product is approved by F.M.