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MODEL Standard Max Operating Pressure Internal pressures test Remark
YB 25A 1.4Mpa 2.1Mpa braided, braided & heat retaining
YN 25A 1.4Mpa 2.1Mpa unbraided, unbraided & heat retaining

Flexible Sprinkler Joint manufactured by Yongwon E.N.C has many and various types like braided Type, unbraided Type, braided & heat retaining Type, unbraided & heat retaining Type in accordance with needs of customers and construction sites.
Especially, Yongwon E.N.C has developed various bar-fastening members for easy and fast installation.
multidirectional Sprinkler Base and Sprinkler Joint manufactured by Yongwon E.N.C has reduced labor cost and time more than 50%~70% comparing to those of traditional piping method.
New piping method has reduced labor and time for crossover piping from main pipe. It connects Sprinkler Joint to multidirectional Sprinkler Base instead of branch pipe separated from crossover piping. Accordingly, it more and more simplifies branch piping method of traditional installation. In conventional ways, we used to measure position of Sprinkler Head at each site, cut steel pipe, and had to work with complicated processes like 3D piping, air-conditioning duct, lighting, and in construction finishing work using two 90° elbows.
However, piping method using Base and Sprinkler Joint developed by Yongwon E.N.C does not need any more complicated screw processing or size adjustment. Moreover, this product can be ordered by each size (700 ~ 3100mm) needed at each site in accordance with the standard. Therefore, even unskilled workers can do piping easily and quickly for optimum installation and dramatic cost reduction.