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Can be installed fast and easily without complicated screw processing, cutting and size adjusting. Saves cost more than 50 %. simplication of process : Dramatic reduction of installation period and labour using new installation met! hod for branch pipe and crossover piping.


Dramatic reduction of installation period and labor thanks to 50% cost reduction in crossover piping and new installation method for branch pipe.


Traditional piping and connection method consisted of many processes and water pressure test against leak was required for each process. However, the new method needs only one process for the connecting work. Therefore, water pressure test against leakage needs just one time ensuring perfect safety.


Easy main and crossover piping using new method and product and processes in a factory reduces pipe connection point below 50% realizing equalization of quality.


Sprinkler Joint can be easily and quickly installed even in congested space many with ducts and lightings.


Easy and fast adjustment of up/down and right/left size of ceiling and Head even in ceiling finishing work using the Sprinkler Joint.